Get Your Head In The Game!

And here we are..

THIS  Imageis me!

My name is Haleigh and I’m currently a junior living in a small town, attending a tiny private university near the very edge of Iowa. I’m studying psychology, working as a student intern, and I’m also on the dance team!

So how might that make me qualified to blog about an NHL hockey team that is approximately 1,300 miles away from me?

Let me tell you.

I’m from Arizona. (Not) born, but raised since a young age, I grew up around hockey. My brother played roller hockey for the longest time, before an injury put him on the sidelines. Having been Coyotes fans since the move from Winnipeg in 1996, my brother and my father became very active in following the team, whereas I (being a 5-year-old girl) was not.

High school, however, changed that for me. I’ve always been a Daddy’s girl. My father and my brother would watch all the televised games together at night and would attend all the ones work schedules would allow. I suppose my hockey obsession first started as an attempt to be a part of what they had going on. Except for the time I tried to take ice-skating lessons. That’s another story, though.

And the rest is history. I fell absolutely, head-over-heels in love with the sport. Each season the team does something to earn a spot in my heart.. and we always manage to have a great group of guys (though I definitely play favorites and I have a slight goalie obsession).

Moving away to Iowa for college was the hardest decision I’ve made in my entire life. Keeping up with the team, however, is easy! There is SO MUCH access to videos, games, and other blogs online (or being sent to my iPhone) that I am never questioning what’s going on with my team. I think this blog is just another great way for me to keep myself involved with the team while feeling so far away from them.

So if you’re reading this, thanks! And if you think I’m completely nuts, that’s okay. I am. I call Marty (#11) my boyfriend, I wear sauce hockey shirts and follow Biz (#12) on twitter, and I refer to OEL (#23) and Boeds (#89) as “my little babies,” even though they are both other than me.

I’m mostly just here to chirp about the games and our season as of right now. Next time you hear from me it’ll be about tonight’s game against the Vancouver Canucks. Why are the Canucks like a training bra? Minimal support and no cups!

Before you say anything I’m well aware of the lack of cups Phoenix has.. it’s all in good fun!



2 responses to “Get Your Head In The Game!

  1. Julia

    the whole story about why you started following hockey is literally exactly how i started. my brother played ice hockey when he was younger but got his shit wrecked on a cross check into the boards, but my dad and him still loved the game more than anything which got my whole family to become complete die-hard yotes fans. How the coyotes do during a game completely affects our mood; if they play bad, we’re like frustrated parents yelling at their kids telling them to “SHOOT” and “SKATE”, and if they’re good then we’re cocky and chirp the opposing team like crazy.

    • right?! even in tonights game I was FREAKING OUT the last 2 minutes or so, until they got the empty netter and I could relax. It’s like I know everything about the sport when I watch them..even though they’ve been playing their whole lives and I’m like DERP what’s a hockey stick?

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